Edgar “OSOK” Hoill

From Los Angeles to Japan, Edgar Hoill has traveled the world to bring back a gallery of photos that will cultivate, capture and forever imprint a new look on life, culture and Photography. His work has appeared in print media globally and his style is one that is both fresh and inspiring. From behind the barrel of his trusty cameras,
Mr. Hoill has adopted the moniker of “OSOK” One Shot One Kill. His movement is swift, his precision darting and a just like a marksman or sniper he always gets his target. By taking pictures of the world around him he shares not only a lifestyle but a forum of expression for the rest of the world to see. His work is provocative and daring but at the end of the day it’s the honest truth of a lifestyle, culture and way of life that only Edgar Hoill can capture in its truest essence. With his travels he has captured and worked along side many icons in the Tattoo industry including Horiyoshi III and Freddy Negrete. He has also worked in many projects with the Good Time Charlie’s Tattoo Land crew and is currently working on a coffee table book that will captivate the world of Black and Grey tattoos trough his camera lens. He also has become part of the Room 101 Silver crew, when he was taken under the wings of creator Matt Booth.
His first showing in Australia is just a glimpse into the mind of an artist and his trusted camera. It will be much more than just a gallery; it will prove itself to be an experience that captures life in all of its grace as well as the beauty of  life’s ugly reality.