Thursday, February 10, 2011

OSOK Launch Party

As you can see from the photos the OSOK Launch Party at the Smoking Mirrors Gallery was a complete success! We would like to personally thank all that attended from as far as Mexico Tipex and his crew, Nor Cal Eddie Reyes to the local So Cal attendants Corey Miller, Jack Rudy, Eriberto Oriol and his wife, the Room 101 Crew, all the Lowrider owners for their time and their Rides, Jarritos for the Soda's and to all the help from Antonio & Sante and you that made the event a reality THANK YOU! Edgar's images will be on display at Smoking Mirrors Gallery for the month of February, if you didnt get a chance to attend the launch you can see his gallery.

Smoking Mirrors Gallery
565 W. 2nd St #5
Pomona, CA 91766

Images by RLP Graphics

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